Emmanuel Sejourne

Emmanuel Sejourne (France)

Famous French composer and percussionist, was born in Limoges (France).
His compositions have been commissioned or recorded by many outstanding percussion artists such as: Bogdan Bacanu & Wave Quartet, Christoph Sietzen, Alexej Gerassimez, Gary Cook, Ju-Percussion group, Nancy Zeltsman, Marta Klimasara, Katarzyna Mycka.
Orchestras all over the world include Emmanuel Sejourne’s music in their repertoire.
His Concertos for percussion (Concerto for Vibes & Strings, 1999, Double Concerto for Vibes, Marimba & Orchestra, 2012, Concerto for Marimba & Strings, 2005-2015, Gotan Concerto for 4 Marimbas & Strings Orchestra, 2017) have a great success.
His creativity is far from being limited with the music for percussion – Emmanuel Séjourné composes music for symphony orchestra, chamber music and pieces for choir, music for theater and television.
Simultaneously, Emmanuel Séjourné makes a career as a performer. He is considered one of the most prominent mallet percussionists. In 1984 he won the European Audio-visual Grand Prix for his 1981 CD “Saxophone et Percussion” together with a saxophonist Philippe Geiss. As a soloist and as a member of the ensemble “Accroche-Note” he has premiered more than a hundred works by composers including Donatoni, Manoury, Fedele, Hurel...
He is giving concerts all over the world as a soloist and in a mallet percussion duo with Sylvie Reynaert.
Emmanuel Séjourné is the head of percussion department at the Conservatoire/ Strasbourg Academy of Music.
He is often invited as a jury member to famous international competitions (ARD Music Competition, Tromp Percussion, Salzburg Marimba Competition) and gives master classes in the major music academies in Europe, Asia and North America.
Emmanuel Séjourné performs on Adams instruments.